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About Me (she/her)

Hi! My name is Jessica Bittner, but you can call me Jessie.


I am a performing and teaching artist from Appleton, WI, based in New York City. Mom signed me up for violin lessons at age four, beginning on a “violin” made of a Kraft Mac and Cheese box. I gradually expanded my studies to include piano, French horn, and ultimately focused on voice and acting. I also offer private voice and violin lessons, working one-on-one with students to provide accessible arts education. 

I consider myself a multi-hyphenate artist with experience in theatre, opera, choral work, music directing, and training in a variety of instruments. As an adaptable and versatile artist, I create moments of clarity that illuminate the power of humanity in the world. I am also working to intersect my art with my advocacy for mental health awareness and body neutrality.


When I'm not performing or teaching, you can find me cooking and creating in the kitchen, jamming with friends, writing my own music, or exploring local coffee shops to find my favorite chai latte.


I am a proud alum of Indiana University, where I studied Vocal Performance and Musical Theatre with Jane Dutton and Ray Fellman.


Professional photos courtesy of Sarah Celine Photography.
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