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Jessie believes all individuals deserve a safe space to experiment and express themselves through their artistry. Her teaching style focuses on intertwining the elements of musicality, technique, and authenticity, while celebrating what compels each musical artist to feel closest to their truest self.

She offers voice and violin lessons to all aspiring artists! Jessie has experience teaching musicians age 10-adult at a variety of levels. Click the button below for more information in her studio contract!
"I love working with Jessie because she creates a kind, comfortable, and encouraging atmosphere.  She allows me to set my own goals and then she applies her expertise toward helping us achieve them together. Jessie is an amazing voice teacher, and I’d recommend her to anyone."
- Student
"Jessie is a stand out in her technical and vocal ability, and her talent speaks for itself.  The way Jessie combines her talent, her training and her experience with care for and understanding of the unique interpersonal needs of young, developing performers is what makes her the right vocal coach for us. Jessie understands how important the nurturing relationship between voice teacher and student is. She doesn’t lose sight of prioritizing this within every lesson."
- Parent of Student
Photo courtesy of Ben Bomier.
 "Jessie has been an incredible resource to my daughter as she pursues her interests in singing, violin, and musical theatre. She is a kind and encouraging coach. Her mentorship has helped my daughter develop musically and personally. She has outstanding character and talent."
- Parent of Student
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